8 Tips for Better Trade Show Booths

When investing time, money, resources and staff into attending a trade show to showcase your business, it’s imperative you do it right! Many businesses get it wrong and go bare basics, but we’re here to help. Below are 8 practical things any brand should consider before attending their next trade show or event.

  1. Clarity is HUGE. Anyone working the booth needs to have the company “elevator pitch” memorized. The brand story from SYN3RGY is regally great for helping brands identify a clear message. Be yourself – let the booth be about what you do what you say you do and the giveaway should do the same. 
  2. Be genuine. It’s okay to be funny, quirky or different as long as it is true to you and your brand do it.
  3. Begin with the end in mind. Know what you are trying to communicate. What do you want the visitors to your booth to know, do, or think differently about? What is your call to action? What does success of the event look like?
  4. Read the fine print of each venues requirements. Some venues have crazy regulations, a/v provided or not provided, restrictions, unions, power requirements, etc. Understand what you can and can’t do, load in and load out, etc.
  5. Have amenities other companies aren’t likely to have to lure people to your booth over others.  By simply having a place for people to charge their phones can be nice, have a 5 minute conversation while you give their phone a little juice.
  6. Have a unique give away. It should not be a throwaway item and also help reinforce what your brand does. Be creative. If needing ideas, SYN3RGY can help as we have catalogs full of promotional products by category. 
  7. Know your audience. Understand what their needs are. What do THEY want out of visiting you? Remember the trade show isn’t about you, it’s about what you can do for them. How will you make their lives better?
  8. Measure: whatever event marketing you do this year measure it. Keep a budget, measure conversations had, track how long, track responsiveness, follow ups, conversions etc.

Hopefully some of these tips have helped you think more strategically about your next event. As always if we can be of any assistance, let us know!